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We Texans Love Our Watches!

Never mind the current fad among young people for not wearing watches because they always have their cell phone on their person—if not actually in their hands. We Texans still love our watches.

A generation ago it was the gold Rolex. Oilfield workers in foreign oilfields often wore them, because if they were stranded abroad, a gold Rolex could always be sold for enough money to get home.

The rest of us have a lot more choices, and we are choosy about our watches. Whether in the corporate world or socially, watches still have a certain cachet. In other words, a cool watch speaks for itself—and for you.

A high-quality watch is a subtle sign of affluence and sophistication. There are always people in the know who will recognize your watch and appreciate your good taste and cosmopolitan style.

And today’s high-tech watches are amazing tiny computers on the wrist. Sort of like Dick Tracy’s Two-Way Wrist Radio of old. (Anyone besides me remember those?) Only better. Dick Tracy should be so lucky!

Fortunately for us, unlike Dick Tracy, the cartoon detective so popular in the newspaper funnies of the 1940s and 50s, we have the Internet. So we can shop on line for a worldwide selection and incredible bargains. Even if you live in East Jesus or Dimebox, you can order a watch that will impress a Parisian or Manhattanite.

You can go online and get a great price on prestigious watches like Citizen Eco drive watches and get free 2-day shipping. Then you can show off your prize in Dallas or Houston, Beijing or Singapore, and know you look cool, even in jeans and a t-shirt, with your state-of-the-art timepiece on your wrist. That’s Texas style, wherever you may be.

Remember, Mother’s Day and graduation season are coming right up. Mom knows what’s good. She will love a quality new watch.

And even new grads know style and quality when they receive them. They know they will look extra impressive at job interviews when they wear a quality watch with their interview togs. So giving them a watch will give them a good start in life. (Hey, its worth a try.)

Meanwhile, does anybody really know what time it is? I need a new watch battery. Or maybe I’ll just order a nifty new watch…

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