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Trouble at Garrett Manor: Catherine’s Story

Catherine Garrett is the wife of a wealthy publishing magnet. She is adored by all for her down to earth personality. What is Catherine’s secret? She was raised in wealth, yet ingrained with warmth rather than snobbery.When Catherine announces she is throwing a five day celebration for the publishing staff, all are delighted. Everyone is excited about seeing the enormous Gilded Age masterpiece where the Garrett’s live. They are immediately impressed with the lavish train ride out to the estate aboard the Garrett’s own personal train. As the train rolls through the estate they are awestruck when they see the breathtaking limestone mansion. They are equally overcome by the beauty of the art, marble floors, 40 bedrooms and 70 fireplaces during their initial tour.With such a great start, how could anything go wrong? Follow Catherine’s family and their guests as they experience a five day celebration they will never forget. Full of charming wit, devoted love and strength of human spirit, this story is sure to make you reconsider your ideas about quiet, secluded estates.

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