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The Truth About The Alamo: The Destruction of Myth

The greatest single in-depth analysis of the Battle of the Alamo. Where was Crockett when he died ? Travis ? Why did Sam Houston write about suicides ? Why were the defenders even there ? Why didn’t the defenders evacuate ? Who were the Americans ? Why did the defenders lose ? What role did the strategy and tactics play ? Why did U.S. Citizens believe the war was over BEFORE the Battle of the Alamo ?

All these questions are answered in what may be the first book of it’s type. This is not a long winded tome. It is a concise no nonsense look at what really happened at the Alamo.

Most visitors unintentionally disrespect the battleground simply because they are unaware of the actual battle positions. Most recognize the church never realizing they are actually walking right through and even spitting on important locations of the battlefield.

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