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The Texas Rancher and the English Rose (Love on a Ranch Series Book 1)

Life changes drastically for Rose when Hank Armstrong, a handsome Texan cowboy, walks into the quaint English café where she works and asks her out for dinner. The pair get to know each other and romance soon follows, and Rose learns that when she misbehaves Hank gives her a spanking – which serves to inflame their passion even more! Hank resolves to ask his new special lady to accompany him when he returns to Texas in two weeks. But it is not to be, as someone from Rose’s past turns up uninvited, and Hank catches Rose in a compromising situation. Angry, shocked and hurt, Hank leaves for the USA immediately. But Rose is determined to explain, and she gives up everything to follow him. When the English Rose arrives in Texas, further adventures befall her on the Armstrong ranch. The warm hearted Texans welcome her, all except one person, who is determined to make life very difficult for Rose by putting her life in danger. This is a story of family unity, love and passion and forgiveness.

An LSF Publications spanking romance.

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  1. Kathryn S. Ferguson says

    Couldn’t Put it Down! 0

  2. tasty cake "Lover of good erotica" says

    loved this story 0

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