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The Ghosts of Palo Duro Canyon

This exciting love story concerns a captive Mexican girl and her brother who were captured by the wild Comanches in Old Mexico, and grew up in one of the Indian Villages in the Palo Duro Cas of the Canyon. They were captured at the ages of eight and ten, and raised as the adopted son and daughter of the Quahadi War Chief of the Camanches. The love story is woven around the events of the hide-out the remnant bands of the Kiowa-Apache, Camanche and Cheyenne tribes on the canyon floor. The Indians have been driven back and back until they make their last stand in the Palo Duro Canyon. The scenes of the Great Plains, with its mammoth buffalo herds, and the nomadic life of the Plains Indians lend a unique setting for the story. The Plains Indians find themselves driven out of the lands given them by the various treaties they signed. A vivid account is given in the book of their last struggles, the battles and the adjustments; and their final surrender to overwhelming military power. This historical tale makes a story that will last forever in the memories of all who will read it. The young pretty Mexican girl is wooed and won by the son of the Big Chief of the Village, and her influence on the lives of the savage Indians with whom she comes in contact is at last felt, and changes some of them. The setting of the story and the era are true to history, and references to people who were involved in the history are taken from the best historical sources. But the story is fiction, and the characters of Moonbeam, Little Elk, Black Bull, Red Calf, White Feather, Red Buffalo, and others, are fictional, and have no identity or connection with any persons bearing the same names, living or dead.

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