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The Complete Book of Exodus (The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible)

You’ve Never Read the Bible Like This Before!

Here are just a few benefits of The Word Truth Life Bible:

(1) It’s chronological – Events have been placed in the order that they occurred, as far as could be determined.

(2) It’s harmonized – Harmonization is one of the main features that makes this Bible unique. It means scriptures that provide the same information are merged into one narrative. Most people are familiar with harmonies of the Gospels, but once this Bible is complete, it will harmonize scripture from Genesis to Revelation.

(3) It’s shorter – Because of the harmonization feature, the entire Bible is shorter, but no information is lost. This eliminates the intimidation of reading such a huge book.

(4) It’s uniquely formatted – For example:

(a) Chapters and verses have been removed from within the narratives to prevent unnatural breaks in the storyline. However, scripture references are present in the heading of each section for those who prefer them.

(b) Scripture references are aligned right instead of left; this makes it easier to read the Bible like a novel, as the headings don’t interfere with or interrupt the reading flow.

(c) Tables and bullets are used to break up text, making the information easier to understand.

(d) Dialogue is formatted as is common in novels, making it easier to follow the speaker.

This publication was born of the desire to provide a Bible that will aid people in reading and understanding all that God has to say, without the hindrances of the traditional Bible format. We invite you to Explore the Word, Embrace the Truth, and Experience Life!

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