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Texas Weddings (Books One and Two): A Class of Her Own & A Chorus of One

BOOK ONE: A CLASS OF HER OWN: When Laura Chapman’s husband of over twenty years passes away, she finds herself the sole provider for two teenage children, lonely and frightened, and determined to return to college to obtain a degree. Then she lands in the same history class with her daughter and finds herself offending the toughest professor on campus. Professor Andrew Dougherty, still a bachelor at forty-seven, has sworn off women. His heart was broken years earlier by a skittish fiancee. Just when Laura feels that she has no alternative but to drop out of school due to stress and finances, Andrew begins to realize that it is time for the battle to cease between them. He is beginning to discover that his feelings for Laura Chapman are not at all what he thought at first.

BOOK TWO: A CHORUS OF ONE: It’s the opportunity of a lifetime…Jessica Chapman has her happy ending planned out. Does it really matter that she and her fiance’ don’t agree on every little detail? Or even on some big ones–like her passion for music and the theater. Jessica plans to become Nathan Fisher’s wife and live “happily ever after” in Houston. But then Jess is offered the internship of her dreams. The handsome and tenderhearted Colin Phillips sees something special in Jessica, believing the Lord has chosen her to train vocally gifted children–in Dallas. Could God also have chosen her to play a more important role in Colin’s life? Should Jess settle for an ill-fitting lackluster marriage? Or will the Lord orchestrate the perfect duet?

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Janice Hanna Thompson is the author of over eighty books for the Christian market. A Class of Her Own and A Chorus of One were her first published romances, both appearing in print for the first time between 2001 and 2002. These days, she writes comedic love stories, but still has a soft place in her heart for these earlier “not so funny” inspirational romances.

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