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Texas To Bataan

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  1. Jack Rice says

    Ignore the bogus reviews 0

  2. J. Lovins "Mr. Jim" says

    “Range Busters Series … Double Features … Monogram Pictures (2008)” Monogram Pictures presents “TEXAS TO BATAAN/TUMBLEDOWN RANCH IN ARIZONA” (1941/1942) (116 mins/B&W) (Fully Restored/Dolby Digitally Remastered) — With the success of Republic’s Three Mesquiteers, several forces came together around 1940 to develop a new ‘trigger trio’ for the screen — The star was Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan, a producer named George W. Weeks and Monogram Pictures — With a character of his own name. Ray starred in 20 of the 24 films in this series between 1940 and 1943 — The Range Busters was clearly a lower budget copy of the Mesquiteers — Big, muscular Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan was the lead, the second lead was John ‘Dusty’ King, a big band singer (Ben Bernie Orchestra) with a reasonably good baritone, who would vocalize a tune or two in each film — And comic relief was in the hands of ventriloquist Max ‘Alibi’ Terhune (and his wise-cracking dummy Elmer — Monogram would distribute the Range Busters but not be directly involved in the productions — The deal gave Corrigan a substantial share of the film profits (in an interview years later, Ray said he received 50%).The first film of this double feature – “TEXAS TO BATAAN” (16 October 1942) (56 mins/B&W)Under the production staff of:Robert Emmett Tansey – DirectorGeorge W. Weeks – ProducerArthur Hoerl – ScreenwriterRobert C. Cline – CinematographerJohn King – SongwriterFrank Sanucci – Musical Direction/SupervisionRoy Claire – EditorThe story line and plot, Our heroes Dusty (John King), Davy (David Sharpe) and Alibi (Max Terhune) members of the Range Busters are shipping horses to the Philippines — There are spies all over this oater Cookie (Escolastico Baucin) the ranch cook is also looking over the horses for himself and Japan — Thus not to outdone there is a German spy Miller (Guy Kingsford) who joins forces with Cookie — One of my favorite B-Western villains Frank Ellis is also the contact going against our government — The Range Busters have their work cut out for them, but never fear they’re up for the task — Interesting part of the film is they are honored by the U.S. Government just as the radio announces the December 7, 1941 of the Pearl Harbor bombing — As the boys head for the nearest enlistment station — This was the 17th of the 24 films in Monogram’s “Range Buster” series — “Texas to Bataan” represented stuntman David Sharpe’s first appearance as a Range Buster, replacing Ray “Crash” Corrigan.the cast includes:John ‘Dusty’ King … Dusty King David Sharpe … Davy Sharpe Max Terhune … Alibi Terhune (as Max ‘Alibi’ Terhune) Elmer … Elmer Sneezeweed – Alibi’s dummy Marjorie Manners … Dallas Conroy Steve Clark … Tom Conroy Budd Buster … Tad Kelton E. Baucin … Cookie (the spy) (as Escolastico Baucin) Frank Ellis … Ken Richards (crooked rancher) Kenne Duncan … Army Captain Anders (as Kenneth Duncan) Guy Kingsford … Miller Carl Mathews … Truck henchman Tex Palmer … Truck henchman Tom Steele … Truck henchman Al Ferguson … Cafe henchmanBIOS:1. John ‘Dusty’ King (aka: Miller McLeod Everson)Date of Birth: 11 July 1909 – Cincinnati, OhioDate of Death: 11 November 1987 – San Diego, California2. David SharpeDate of Birth: 2 February 1910 – St. Louis, MissouriDate of Death: 30 March 1980 – Altadena, California (Lou Gehrig’s disease)3. Max TerhuneDate of Birth: 12 February 1891 – Anderson, IndianaDate of Death: 5 June 1973 – Los Angeles, CaliforniaSecond film of the this double feature – “TUMBLEDOWN RANCH IN ARIZONA” (20 April 1941) (60 mins/B&W)Under the production staff of:Roy S. Luby – DirectorGeorge W. Weeks – ProducerMilton M. Raison – ScreenwriterRobert C. Cline – CinematographerFrank Sanucci – Musical Direction/SupervisionRoy Claire – EditorOur story line and plot, Our heroes Ray “Crash” Corrigan (Himself), Dusty (John King) and Alibi (Max Terhune) members of the Range Busters are now rodeo contestants — When Johnny is knocked unconscious, travels back to their father’s time and the Range Busters are soon thrown into a situation to get the Railroad right-of-way across Mother Slocum’s ranch — She is tricked into signing a release, the Range Busters find their job more difficult as the Sheriff is in with the crooks — After vanquishing the evil doers, they all awaken under a tree, back in their own time — Some of the best villains in this oater appear Quen Ramsey, James Craven and Jack Holmes.the cast includes:Ray Corrigan … ‘Crash’ Corrigan (as Ray ‘Crash’ Corrigan)John ‘Dusty’ King … John King (prologue) & ‘Dusty’ King (flashback)Max Terhune … ‘Alibi’ Terhune (as Max ‘Alibi’ Terhune)Elmer … Elmer,…

  3. Anonymous says


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