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TEXAS TEST PREP Reading Workbook STAAR Reading Grade 3: Covers all the TEKS Skills Assessed on the STAAR

This workbook will develop the reading skills that Texas students need, while preparing students for the STAAR Reading test. It offers a simple and convenient system for ongoing reading practice, while being focused on building strong reading comprehension skills.

Skill Development Made Simple

– Provides 40 passages with questions divided into convenient sets
– Short passages and question sets allow for easy 20-minute practice sessions
– Develops and builds on all the TEKS reading skills needed
– Easily integrates with student learning throughout the year

Full Coverage of the TEKS Standards

– Covers all the TEKS reading skills that are assessed on the state test
– Includes literary texts, informational texts, and paired passages
– Additional exercises focus on introducing and developing key TEKS skills
– More rigorous tasks encourage deeper understanding and more advanced thinking
– Full answer key lists the specific skill covered by each question

Prepares Students for the STAAR Reading Test

– Develops all the reading skills that are assessed on the STAAR Reading test
– Strong skill development prepares students for more rigorous assessments
– Students gain experience understanding, analyzing, and responding to passages
– Provides practice answering questions like those found on the real test

Key Benefits of this Workbook

– Short passages and question sets build confidence
– Ongoing practice develops strong reading comprehension skills
– Reduces test anxiety by allowing low-stress practice
– Allows for convenient revision and practice as the student learns
– Provides experience with a range of passage types
– Develops the skills students need to perform well on assessments

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