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Texas Jack

Jack Leonard’s father, Billy, is an alcoholic.

Billy isn’t a bad guy. Friends would say he’s the life of the party; his family might refer to him as harmless. After all, he isn’t a mean drunk … he’s a happy drunk.

Unfortunately, these things tend to run in the family, and it looks like Jack will inherit his birthright and join his father in the bottle.

Then Jack meets a girl, and what once seemed inevitable, never materializes. Samantha fills the little holes in Jack’s life. Fast-forward twenty years and his life is nearly perfect.

Except … that would be too easy. Life doesn’t work that way … and fate has a test in store for the Leonards.

Texas Jack is a compelling story about family relationships, redemption, and finding harmony with loved ones. It’s about people at their best and worst and everything in between. At the core is always family.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys a family drama, has been close to alcoholism, or believes in the power of love.

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  1. Penman says

    Texas Jack will be a classic 0

  2. Cynthia Shepp says

    An Unforgettable Tale 0

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