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Spade: Texas Bounty Hunter: A Western Vigilante Novel (A Bounty in Texas Series Book 1)

An exciting new Western drama filled with action, adventure and a lot of dead bad guys!

A bounty hunter always catches his man, even if the men he is chasing are dangerous gang-bangers and murderers. Mysterious bounty hunter Spade is hired by the new governor of Texas when voters start to become terrified of the crime waves that are taking over the state. Spade is ordered to kill Gomez and Santez… two of the most wanted murderers in Texas. He is given permission to use any force necessary to get the job done.

This exciting new Western from Lon Safko takes the reader on a one-man rampage as one vigilante bounty hunter cuts through bureaucracy to get the job done. As soon as Spade leaves the governor’s office, Gomez and Santez are dead men walking in his eyes.

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