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President Lyndon Johnson and Soviet Communism

This major new study fills a significant gap in the academic literature on the Cold War by considering President Lyndon Johnson’s policy towards the Soviet Union. The author examines the attitudes of Johnson and his leading advisers toward the Soviet leadership, taking into account the effects of Moscow’s growing splits with Beijing, the impact on US-Soviet relations of nuclear issues, the Vietnam War, and clashes over Cuba, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

The author’s research is based on detailed scrutiny of archives in Britain and the United States, as well as recently published document collections. His study also examines the President’s personal leadership qualities, his mistakes in Vietnam and his success as a peacemaker with Moscow. The book constitutes a major contribution to literature on President Johnson’s foreign policy ‘beyond Vietnam’.

The book will be of interest to students of the Cold War, the Johnson Presidency and of US foreign relations.

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