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Pecos Bill and the Legend of Texas Eats: Recipes to Feed Your Inner Cowpoke

Witty, humorous, and delicious. This book provides a clever and amusing account of an iconic figure (Pecos Bill) while educating readers about the art of Tex-Mex cuisine. It brought back many memories of growing up in Texas and enjoying my mother’s Mexican cooking. I can’t wait to try the Jalapeno Cornbread, Mango and Cucumber Salsa, Crispy Chicken Fried Steak, and Cowboy Chowder. I highly recommend this book for easy reading, entertainment, and if you’re just plain hungry.

Adriana Gonzalez Crenshaw, mother and busy working woman

Creating a fine balance of cooking, history and folklore, Pecos Bill and the Legend of Texas Eats is one of the most unique cookbooks I’ve ever read. Its wealth of recipes represents one of the most craved cuisines in this country, Tex-Mex, and provides more than enough enticing and straightforward dishes to try. Almost as soon as you are tying on your apron, though, you’re sucked into a colorful Texan vignette that can do anything from make you laugh, to raise your eyebrows in wonder or send chills down your spine. Truly unlike any other cookbook I’ve crossed paths with, it serves as more than just a book out of which to cook.


What a wonderful introduction to the Texan way of life through food and story in Judith Waldrop’s new cookbook offering Pecos Bill and the Legend of Texas Eats. This book is clearly written by someone who loves great food and knows what joy a good story can bring. It is as entertaining as it is educational and as tasty as it is zany. A welcome addition to anyone’s kitchen bookshelf in the digital era.

John Kilborn, chef/owner Fish Restaurant, Stutsmanville, Michigan


With Pecos Bill and the Legend of Texas Eats, you can enjoy the fun of Tex-Mex food right in your own kitchen. Chuck Wagon Bob’s chili con carne will have you singing mariachi songs. And Mama Hunt’s bread pudding with whiskey sauce will make you want to shoot up the town. Fajitas are not just for nights out anymore. And what store-bought salsa could be better than your own fresh pico de gallo. Crank up the spice if you have a hankering for something with a little more punch or tame it down if that’s more to your liking. No judgments here.

You’ll find over 60 fun-filled recipes in this new cookbook by Judith Waldrop (author of Swapping Recipes With Friends) – including flat New Mexican enchiladas, picadillo-filled chile rellenos, and fancy flan with coconut. Turn an everyday meal into a party – and make a party something to remember. This time next Christmas, they’ll still be talking about those peanut butter stuffed, oven-roasted jalapeño poppers that you served on the Fourth of July.

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