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Not Thinkin’… Just Rememberin’… The Making of John Wayne’s “The Alamo”

Not Thinkin’… Just Rememberin’… is a tour de force. This manuscript is very thorough and exhaustively researched. The sheer size of the manuscript might seem intimidating, but what else should one expect when The Alamo and John Wayne are the subjects? Of course, The Alamo is no ordinary movie, so the telling of the making of the movie is no small feat. Mr. Farkis is an adept writer. He knows his subject extremely well. His knowledge is intensive and extensive. It’s quite easy to tell that, while he is a scholar, he is also a fan of both The Alamo and John Wayne. He does a great job of keeping the retelling of this information entertaining and interesting. The story of the making of the Alamo is told chronologically. This is the best way to tell the story because this allows for several other sub-stories to be told while the main story is unfolding. The tone and writing style is very approachable and open. It works well for this manuscript. There are many lighthearted moments that help anchor the overall manuscript, and they serve as counterpoints to the weightier discussions about politics, disagreements, and money issues that surrounded John Wayne’s ambitious endeavor.

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