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Manual on Usage & Style

Legal writers have valued the MoUS for years for its convenience and accessibility, and the new edition stays true to these strengths. The MoUS complements more comprehensive usage and style guides by combining an easy-to-use, brief format with sufficient detail to explain subtle aspects of rules. This edition features several changes:

Retains the basic organization of past volumes, but contains a more intuitive rule-numbering scheme;

Incorporates many new examples to better illustrate tricky concepts;

Improves many examples and subrules to show nuances in usage;

Has conformed certain rules that previously conflicted with Bluebook citation rules.
The MoUS 12th edition remains a valuable tool for law journals, practicing attorneys, and other legal writers.

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  1. Tuco says

    MoUS 0

  2. Wayne Schiess says

    Good but not great 0

  3. Sophia Lopez says

    I almost threw it away 0

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