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Mamainde Stress: The Need for Strata (SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington Publications in Linguistics, Vol. 122)

Stress plays an important role in the phonology, morphology, and syntax of Mamaindé. The author uses the current theories of metrical and lexical phonology to analyze this stress system. It is demonstrated that a typical application of metrical rules alone will not predict stress correctly. Instead, Mamaindé must make use of multiple strata in order for stress placement to be predicted.

Note: The Mamaindé, a language of Brazil is also known as Northern Nambikuára (Ethnologue, 15th Ed.2005)

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
1.1 Setting
1.2 Linguistic classification
1.3 Purpose
1.4 Source of data
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Overview

2. The Mamaindé Syllable
2.1 Syllable structure
2.2 Syllable weight
2.3 Licensing theory

2.4-2.6 Licensing in Mamaindé
2.4 The primary licenser
2.5 The secondary licenser coda
2.6 The secondary licenser appendix
2.7 The completed Mamaindé syllable
2.8 Syllabification

3. The Data and the Problem
3.1 The phonetics of Mamaindé stress
3.2 Basis of stress
3.3 The data

3.4-3.7 The Problem
3.4 Problem 1. Unpredictable word level stress
3.5 Problem 2. Unstressed heavy syllables
3.6 Problem 3. Light syllables which receive stress
3.7 Problem 4. Lengthened vowels in underlying forms
3.8 Methodology
3.9 Theory power

4. A Previous Solution
4.1 Levels of stress
4.2 Application of Kingston s stress rules
4.3 Problems with the morphological stress rules
4.4 Quantity sensitivity
4.5 Syllable position

5. An Overview of Metrical Phonology
5.1 Arboreal theory
5.2 Grid theory

6. A Metrical Analysis of Mamaindé Stress

7. An Overview of Lexical Phonology

8. A Lexical Analysis of Mamaindé Stress
8.1 The lexical strata
8.2-8.3 The Lexical Rules
8.2 Rules of the lexical component
8.3 Rules of the postlexical component

9. Derivations

10. Metrical Trees versus Metrical Grids
10.1 Practical considerations
10.2 Theoretical implications

Well-Formedness Statements

Appendix: A Comparative Study of Indigenous Brazilian Stress Systems


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