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Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush & Thieves in High Places

Having spent the past four years crisscrossing America to uncover the real state of the union under King George the W and his rabid band of Bushites, Jim Hightower has come to a disturbing conclusion: These people are nuts!

Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush

With uncommon insight, political fearlessness, and laugh-out-loud humor, Hightower gives us a hard-hitting, fact-filled, and fun-filled expose inspired by his daily radio commentaries and award-winning monthly newsletter.

Let’s Stop Beating Around the Bush is a subversive read that’ll make politics fun for you again.

Thieves in High Places

The economy is in the ditch, Geroge W keeps fattening the rich at the expense of the rest of us, Rumsfeld is on the warpath for global domination, Ashcroft is insane, polluters rule, the Democrats are worse than pathetic, the media is a tasteless joke…and we have another corporate-sponsored made-for-TV presidential election coming up.

But more than the catalog of evils that usually passes for political commentary these days, Thieves in High Places offers a battle cry, highlighting and celebrating people who have stood up to the bullies and regained their rights along with their dignity. Here is a road map for taking power back from the thieves and a welcome antidote to the passivity and defeatism that have dogged progressive-minded Americans for too long.

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