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Lammes Texas Chewie Pecan Praline Candy 24 Piece Box – Enjoy Texas Pecans Combined With Chewy Pralines For A Gourmet Treat!

Finally…Lammes Pecan Praline Candy in a convenient 24 piece box! Luxuriate in rich buttery caramel combined with pecans created from a classic family recipe that’s been used for over a hundred years.

Lammes Candies uses only Texas pecans to create a chewy caramel praline. Twenty four pralines are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness. Perfect to share with friends or family. The box can be configured to show the pralines inside which is perfect to set on a counter or desk at home or an office. However once you set them out these treats may not last for long!

Your order will include one 24 ounce (680g) box of Lammes pecan pralines with 24 pieces.

Product Features

  • Indulge in rich buttery caramel combined with Texas pecans to create a sweet and nutty candy combination.
  • Included in the box are 24 chewy pralines that are the perfect treats to share with family and friends, take to the office or simply indulge all to yourself!
  • Each piece of candy is individually wrapped to preserve its freshness and is also great for portion control. There are 24 servings in the box.
  • For over 100 years Lammes Candies has used a family recipe to create their world famous “Texas Chewie Pecan Praline” and still uses only Texas grown pecans.
  • Made in the USA.

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