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Lammes Pecan Praline Candy In a Gift Box 9 Oz (255g) Gourmet Chewy Pralines With Texas Pecans

Finally…Lammes Pecan Praline Candy in a convenient gift box! Enjoy pecans combined with rich buttery caramel created from a 109 year old family recipe.

Lammes Candies uses only Texas pecans to create a chewy caramel praline. Nine pralines are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness.

This gourmet candy box is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones for a special occasion. Or give as a gift to yourself for some personal indulgence that you deserve!

Your order will include one 9 ounce (255g) box of Lammes pecan pralines in a gift box with a bow.

Product Features

  • Enjoy large Texas pecans surrounded by rich buttery caramel that create a sweet nutty combination.
  • Included are 9 chewy pralines conveniently packaged in a gift box with a bow and ready to give as a gift with no wrapping needed.
  • Each piece of candy is individually wrapped to preserve its freshness.
  • Since 1892 Lammes Candies has used the same recipe to create their “Texas Chewie Pecan Praline” and still uses only Texas grown pecans. Made in the USA.
  • Why not give a unique gourmet candy gift that people will remember as delicious and thoughtful? Or keep and indulge for yourself!

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