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Lady: The Story of Claudia Alta (Lady Bird) Johnson

“Why, she’s as purty as a lady bird,” said nursemaid Alice Tittle as she gently rocked the newborn. And Lady Bird it was for Claudia Alta Taylor, later more popularly known as Lady Bird Johnson, wife of the president of the United States. This biographical sketch for young adults is a combination of facts and direct quotes taken from printed interviews and oral histories. The author relates Mrs. Johnson’s early life, her leaving home in northeast Texas at Karnack, her marriage to Lyndon Baines Johnson, her family life, her years in Washington as the wife of a senator and later the president, the political campaigns, and finally the influence she exerted on the environmental movement, especially her work with wildflower preservation and restoration. The First Lady continues to make her home in Central Texas, mostly in Austin and the beloved hill country at the LBJ Ranch, where she served as hostess for dignitaries from around the world while Mr. Johnson was president.

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