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In the Beginning ~ Genesis to Deuteronomy: With Selected Text From 1 Chronicles (The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible)

The riveting story of man’s beginnings leaps off the page in this new Bible translation that presents a chronological account of the Bible’s most foundational and beloved stories. It covers: the creation of the earth, the fall of man, Noah and his deliverance from the flood, Abraham and his demonstration of faith, Joseph and his trials in Egypt, Moses and his deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, the Israelites’ wandering in the desert, and Moses’ final sermons as the Israelites stand on the brink of entering the promised land.

This Bible’s unique, novel-like format transforms words on paper to an encounter with the one and only God. Not only is this Bible chronological, it’s also harmonized. That means passages that cover the same story are merged into one narrative. In addition, repetitious passages are condensed, but no information is left out. When you step into the pages of this Bible, You will:

  • Complete Genesis through Deuteronomy in half the normal time
  • Understand events that were previously confusing
  • Read the story like a novel, without excessive repetition
  • Know God in a richer and more intimate way
  • Be equipped to introduce your unsaved friends to the Bible’s foundational stories
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