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In the Beginning ~ Genesis to Deuteronomy: With Selected Text From 1 Chronicles (The Chronological Word Truth Life Bible)

The riveting story of man’s beginnings leaps off the page in this new chronological Bible translation that presents an orderly account of the Bible’s most foundational and beloved stories. It covers the creation of the earth, the fall of man, Noah and his deliverance from the flood, Abraham and his demonstration of faith, Joseph and his trials in Egypt, Moses and his deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, the Israelites’ wandering in the desert, and Moses’ final sermons as the Israelites stand on the brink of entering the promised land.

The Difficulty of the Pentateuch
While foundational, these first five books of the Bible may be the hardest to read through completely. We make it through Genesis and the first part of Exodus pretty well, as they contain very familiar and well-loved stories. But somewhere around the middle of Exodus, things begin to go downhill, beginning with the long section on the building of the Tabernacle. Leviticus has all those uncomfortable (irrelevant?) laws; Numbers records the Israelites wandering in the desert, with some random laws mixed in; and Deuteronomy seems to haphazardly cover information already covered in Genesis through Numbers. It’s enough to make anyone throw up their hands in defeat. But this chronological Bible is designed not only to get you through it, but to help you understand it.

So What Exactly Is This Book?
It is a Bible…..A unique chronological, harmonized Bible, written in a unique translation. Its purpose is to help people easily read the Bible and understand the storyline chronologically. Numerous traditional Bibles are available for deep study, but this Bible is primarily for reading and understanding the stories in context. It is not a replacement for traditional Bibles, but an enhancement to them.

This Bible not only places events in order, but harmonizes events as well. This means passages that cover the same story are merged into one narrative. Repetitive laws and passages are combined and condensed, but no information is left out; the entire story is present and accounted for.

This Bible Is for You If:
•You have read the Bible multiple times and want a fresh new way to read it
•You want to read the Bible chronologically, but without the traditional repetition found in normal chronological Bibles
•You have trouble figuring out how the different parts of the Bible fit together
•You are new to the Bible

Benefits of This Chronological Bible
This Bible’s unique, novel-like format transforms words on paper to an encounter with the one and only God. When you step into the pages of this Bible, You will:
•Complete Genesis through Deuteronomy in half the normal time
•Understand events that were previously confusing
•Read the story like a novel, without repetition
•Know God in a richer and more intimate way
•Be equipped to introduce your unsaved friends to God through the Bible’s foundational stories

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