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If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates

If anything, in this presidential election special, he’s madder than ever!

In his earlier bestseller, There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos, Hightower only began to tap into the deep yearning that Americans have for a new politics that speaks to them from a real-world, kitchen-table perspective. Now, with the year 2000 being an especially significant marker for contemplating our country’s direction, not only for the new year but for the new century and the new millennium, it’s time for citizens to reclaim their political, economic, and cultural heritage.

Leading the way with his hilariously irreverent yet profoundly serious book is our name-naming, podium-pounding, point-them-in-the-right-direction populist, Hightower himself. He whacks conventional wisdom right upside the head,showing,with startling facts and compelling personal stories, that despite a so-called period of prosperity, America’s middle class is getting mugged, and that far from being ordained by the gods,globalization is globaloney! Hightower rips the mass off of the candidates, the parties, the consultants, and especially the moneyed powers whoa re supporting all of the leading presidential hopefuls. he’s mad about them all–but what he’s maddest about, what really gets his goat,is that they are all the same! To paraphrase Jim, American politicians are alike because they don’t come cheap. In fact, they’re all very expansive. which is why only the rich can own them and why their allegiance is definitely not to regular,worka-day citizens.

No one is spared in this insightful and engaging blend of horror and success stories, hard-hitting commentary, laugh-out-loud humor, useful facts, and sparkling language. An equal opportunity muckraker and conscientious agitator for “We the people,” Hightower inspires us to take charge again, to build a new politics, and, together, to build a better tomorrow. Jim Hightower’s If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote They Would Have Given Us Candidates proves yet again that his is a uniquely wise and peerlessly singular voice in the maelstrom of political prattle.

Liberal populist Jim Hightower has a knack for naming books; before If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote… came There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos. Even the chapter titles of the current volume reveal Hightower’s way with words as well as they underscore his themes: “Some Say We Need a Third Party, I Wish We Had a Second One” and “Plutocracy Is Not Government by a Far-Off Planet.” Hightower speaks for angry, disaffected Americans who view both Democrats and Republicans as sleazy money-grubbers who do the bidding of wealthy multinational corporations. He is one of the sharpest voices on the Left, and also a very funny one. Even right-wingers will find themselves laughing at some of his jokes, and the Pat Buchanan set may see a few points of agreement. Ultimately, though, If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote… isn’t a book for conservatives, but for liberals who feel that not even the Democratic Party can represent them in the era of Bill Clinton and Al Gore. Hightower’s enthusiasm is contagious: “Hey, let’s gut it up, decamp from Washington, put our resources in the countryside, slug the corporate bastards right in the snout, and get it on with a grassroots politics that gives regular folks a reason to be excited and get involved.” Readers already inclined toward these views will be eager to join Hightower’s crusade by the time they finish his energetic book. –John J. Miller

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