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Habanero Pecan Pralines 9 Oz (255g) Chewy Caramel Pralines & Texas Pecans With A Spicy Kick Individually Wrapped

Imagine the taste of fiery Habaneros intertwined with sweet, rich, buttery caramel and Texas pecans to create a unique chewy candy confection that’s hard to resist.

If you love spicy food then you may be surprised at how much you like these pralines. The uniqueness of the Habanero flavor along with the sweetness of the praline are balanced just right make it an instant candy classic on your taste buds.

While the heat is not unbearable beware if you don’t like spice. However if you have an adventurous palate for spicy foods you may find that the sweet and heat create a delightfully flavor balanced treat!

Lammes Candies has been creating delicious candy delicacies for over 100 years. To this day they only use Texas pecans to create a chewy caramel praline. Nine pralines are individually wrapped to preserve their freshness.

This candy box is the perfect gift to give to your loved ones for a special occasion. Or give as a gift to yourself for some personal indulgence that you deserve!

Your order will include one 9 ounce (255g) box of Lammes Habanero Pecan Pralines. Enjoy!

Product Features

  • Luxuriate in rich buttery caramel with large Texas pecans and habanero spices that start off nutty and sweet and end with a spicy kick! Includes one 9 ounce (255g) box of Habanero Pecan Pralines.
  • Each box contains 9 chewy pralines individually wrapped which is perfect for portion control. Nine servings in each box. Made in the USA.
  • Lammes Habanero Pralines are a unique twist on their original Chewie Pecan Praline.
  • Since 1885 Lammes Candies has used the same recipe to create their “Texas Chewie Pecan Praline”. Now with the addition of Habanero flavoring, a sweet and spicy candy treat has been created!
  • A great gift for a bold-spicy lover of unique gourmet food or keep and enjoy all to yourself!

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  1. S. Thompson says

    Love the habanero twist–They’re not tongue-numbingly hot 0

  2. V. Holden says

    Five Stars 0

  3. Anonymous says


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