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Glencoe World Geography, Student Edition


The only high school geography test co-authored by the National Geographic, Glencoe World Geography offers not only a fascinating view of the world, enlivened by but also a meticulous, accurate presentation. This program focuses on the development of geographic literacy.


Unequalled Authorship

• National Geographic writers and photographers have teamed to make Glencoe World Geography the most engaging geography program available.
• Every page, map, chart, and picture has been carefully fact-checked by National Geographic’s Cartographer in Residence, and the maps are carefully labeled, up-to-date, and colorful.
• A Geographic View, taken from the pages of National Geographic magazine, opens every section of the text and grabs your students’ attention.

Connections to Today

• Geography and History shows students how geography has affected historical events in various regions of the world.

The Regions Today

• Viewpoint Case Studies provide opportunities for students to discuss the environmental challenges facing the world’s regions.

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