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FROM THE DELUGE TO THE EXODUS: A Precise Mathematical and Scientific Solution to the Hebrew Chronology

This 73 page book on what happened when in the Old Testament is not the typical ‘blind tally’ of so-called creation science. I have a Ph.D. in Physics. I’m skeptical of incredible claims. I decided to read the Bible to see if I could prove that Noah’s flood was just a big flood caused by abnormal weather following Thera’s eruption. It is, and then I saw that I could solve the entire Bible chronology through Abraham, Joseph (an Asiatic who ruled Egypt) and Moses (who lived when a pharaoh had leprosy), The Asiatic ruler of Egypt, named Bay, and the pharaoh with leprosy, Ramesses IX, are very easy to locate in history. But everybody seems to think the early Bible chronology is insolvable. It’s solvable! It’s trivial. The Hebrew time unit was a half-year. Their chronology is as accurate as the Assyrian and Babylonian king lists. Use the Book of Jubilees instead of Genesis 11 (which has copying errors), divide all the numbers by two, then slide the chronology back and forth until it locks to history. Noah’s flood is 1647 BC and Solomon’s temple is 967 BC. Everything in between can be read to the year. I’m not kidding. It really is that easy.

Once I discovered that the Hebrews counted time in half-years, I discovered much more than I expected to find. The Hebrew patriarchs have been identified as ethnic Kassites (from Babylonia), and have been placed in proper historical context. Noah’s flood was (indeed) an inundation of Mesopotamia due to the eruption of Thera. The date of that eruption, 1647 BC, is now derived from Hebrew records, as well as from ice core evidence and precisely dated tree rings. The devastation caused by the flood led to the Hyksos (Kassite) invasion of Egypt. The Hyksos were later expelled from Egypt and returned to Kassite Babylonia. When Babylonia was conquered by the Assyrian king Ashur-uballit I, Abraham fled to Canaan. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob lived in the Egyptian territory of Canaan during the 19th dynasty. The promise to Abraham (first covenant) was the founding of a Hebrew kingdom, but it was a vassal kingdom, a province of Egypt.

Joseph has been identified as chancellor Bay of the late 19th dynasty, and Moses has been identified as vizier Nebmarenakht of the late 20th dynasty. Both became Hebrew rulers of Egypt by holding top administrative positions under powerless pharaohs; Joseph as chancellor under Siptah, and Moses as vizier under Ramesses XI. Moses was expelled by high priest Amenhotep in 1092 BC. Within a century, the Israelites rose to power in Canaan under king David.

Why has this not been solved before? Because the ages and time intervals in the Bible are not accurate until they are divided in half. 480 in 1st Kings 6:1 is 240 years. 430 in Exodus 12:40 is 215 years. Apparently that is thinking too far outside of the box for religious scholars, and most serious scholars of ancient history don’t study the Bible at all.

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