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From Poverty to Presidency: Lyndon B. Johnson’s Influence on History

When you are asked to name well-known presidents, your mind might immediately go to Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, or the current president. Lyndon B. Johnson may not be on your list of greats, but he should be. He started out life in a poor family that did not have enough money for the bare necessities. As a boy barely old enough to start school, Johnson was already working to bring what little money he could to his family. Johnson’s work ethic and determined nature were obvious when he was young, and they were a great asset to him as he reached into his future. Johnson’s career leading to the presidency includes a term in the House of Representatives, another in the Senate, and his vice-presidency under John F. Kennedy. Johnson was not even favored to win a seat in the House of Representatives because he was little-known in the district; however, Johnson never let impossible odds dictate what he could or could not do. Since he was twelve, he had known he would be president one day. Johnson served as president from 1963-1969, making him the 36th president of the United States, finishing President Kennedy’s term, and being re-elected to one of his own. Johnson’s life story is that of a boy who rose from poverty to the presidency and accomplished great things

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