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Donald’s Deck – Educational Trump Playing Cards Featuring the Real-Life Faces of President Trump’s ORIGINAL Cabinet Picks & Closest Colleagues – Names, Photos, Quotes & Info – Only 5000 decks made

Donald’s DeckTM – Educational Playing Cards, Featuring President Trump’s Closest Advisors, Cabinet Members, Family and Friends!

Once again, whether Republicans or Democrats, when the near and dear sit down for a quick, fun-filled game of cards, make Donald’s Deck the first thing they see-here are the details:

– DONALD’S DECK comes complete with 55 one-of-a-kind cards, featuring many members of Donald’s “inner circle.” Names, photos, titles and facts-they’re all included on each card!

– DONALD’S DECK features Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Neil Gorsuch, and many, many more! And the jokers? Glad you asked-Anderson Cooper and Meryl Streep!

– DONALD’S DECK is built with top-tier, “Poker Size” (2.5″ x 3.5″) cards! That’s nice, but the best part, though? Donald’s Deck is arguably the election’s finest commemorative collectible!

– DONALD’S DECK will stand the test of time. Thanks to a clear, hard-plastic “jewel” case, expect to enjoy your new purchase for each and every year of Donald’s inspired presidency!

– DONALD’S DECK is about helping you take a historic snapshot of sorts! Trump won’t be president forever, and some of his cabinet picks won’t be confirmed, but with this deck of cards, you’ll recall one of history’s memorable moments!

Give a truly patriotic gift-place your order today!

Only 5000 FIRST EDITION decks produced! As such, don’t miss your chance to own one of the political realm’s top collector’s items! Simply click “ADD TO CART”and in a few short days, Trump and his team will be knocking on your door to make your home great again!

Product Features

  • THESE CARDS ARE EDUCATIONAL! Each high-quality playing card features a top-notch photo, job title, quote and fact about one of Trump’s political game-changers! These cards are great for teaching young, up-and-coming voters! Make America great again!
  • UNDERSTAND EXECUTIVE ORDER! Think baseball cards, but instead of a general manager choosing his players, Trump has handpicked his team! From Senate-approved staff to White House advisors, to the Supreme Court nomination, keep everyone’s names, duties and responsibilities in proper order!
  • STEP INTO TRUMP’S INNER CIRCLE – Donald’s Deck is like having an ultra-exclusive pass into the Trump White House! You’ll meet the President’s closest family members, rub elbows with his most valued advisors and step into the TV studios of his media allies!
  • HAVE FUN WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP! Whatever your political preference, now’s your chance to express your feelings by inviting Donald into the comfort of your home for some light-hearted, yet fact-filled gaming goodness! Perfect birthday gift for Dad and Fathers Day Gift.
  • ONLY 5000 DECKS PRODUCED- INCLUDES TRUMP’S ORIGINAL CABINET PICKS– This FIRST EDITION deck is a historic snap-shot of Trump’s original handpicked team. Future editions of Donald’s Deck will NOT include any unconfirmed cabinet choices. With only 5000 of these decks in existence, it is truly collectible and will never be available again!

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