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Cannons of the Texas Revolution

This book documents the cannons used during the Texas Revolution in 1835 and 1836. It describes the 81 cannons present in Texas during 1836, including 21 brought by the Mexican army, and follows their progress and use over the course of the revolution through detailed archival evidence, including pertinent segments of key primary records as well as extensive citations. It details the fate of the famous Texas cannons including the Gonzales Come and Take It cannon, the Twin Sisters and the Alamo and Goliad cannons. It revels new information showing that the Come and Take It cannon is in Texas today, in another form – probably as a church bell in San Antonio. It presents new information indicating the Twin Sisters were not buried in Harrisburg as previously thought, but instead were in Austin from 1840 to 1864, then taken to Brownsville to participate in the final battle of the Civil War. Twenty-one of the cannons used in the Battle of the Alamo have been rediscovered, and 10 are on display in San Antonio. The source and ultimate fate of each of the Alamo cannons is discussed. Individuals passionate about Texas history will use this book as a reference for further historical studies. Others with an interest in the subject will enjoy reading and learning about this portion of the fascinating story that is the Texas Revolution.

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