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Cal English Texas Ranger: ‘The Death Dealer’ deals justice the only way he knows with a blazing fourty-four.

Fifteen dead men and eight years have passed swiftly since the time Cal English, ‘The Death Dealer’, left Abilene and now the year is Tuesday June 3, 1879. It was only the day before that he received orders from Major Jones Commander of the Frontier Battalion of the Texas Rangers of his new assignment. Cal was to go to Palo Duro Canyon a few miles from Canyon Texas. There he was to ride into the Canyon and meet up with Lance Arrister the overseer and part owner of the LA Ranch. He would inform Cal on what was happening to the wholesale slaughter of the remaining Buffalo in that area since the Indian wars had ended a few years before. Cal’s mission was to do whatever he could to bring a closure to the killing. If he needed outside help he was to contact Major Jones at once. Cal didn’t figure he’d need no help.

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