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Brisket: How to Smoke Backyard Texas Style Brisket for an Award Winning And Lip Smacking Taste (The Ultimate Brisket Book: Taste So Good They Will Be Coming Back for More)


Scientifically Proven: How to Smoke Backyard Texas Style Brisket for an Award Winning And Lip Smacking Taste About the Book: Brisket Brisket How to Smoke and Cook Texas & Southern Style Brisket Book Description: This book will teach you exactly what a brisket is and where the term comes from. Even though a traditional brisket is beef, you’ll learn how to identify other animals that will have a brisket as well. Most of the briskets listed will be found more easily in a butcher’s shop, and this book teaches you the quality to look for when picking one out. You’ll learn the difference from a flat cut to a packer and what you’ll have to do to cook them both. There are different brisket types, and some will require more trimming than others. This book goes over how to trim and prepare a brisket the night before for optimum taste. Inside this book you’ll find out what a smoker is and how to work it. This book even teaches how to handle problems such as when a brisket stalls, reaching a certain internal temperature, and how to fix the problem so the internal temperature starts to rise again. All the tips and guides you need to produce a brisket that is tender and juicy can be found inside, as well as recipes to really make your brisket stand out at any party or gathering. Such subtle differences such as spices, sweetness, such as sugar types, and the wood that is used to flavor it, are all explained within these pages. Learn how to cook a brisket, how long to leave it in, how to make a complimenting sauce, and how to handle problems that arise with keeping the temperature steady. Cooking a southern or Texan brisket is made easy if you follow this simple guide to everything you need to know about brisket cooking.

Seven Reasons to Buy this Book:

1. This book includes various recipes for southern and Texan style rubs and barbeque sauce so that you’ll enjoy a traditional brisket. 2. This book teaches you how to pick out a good brisket, from the fat marbling to the coloring. 3. In this book you’ll find how to smoke a brisket in a traditional southern style, as well as recommended wood to use. 4. This book covers the way to know if you’re barbequing right and what’s important to a good barbeque. 5. Inside this book you’ll find a helpful Q & A on how to properly prepare and cook a brisket to completion. 6. This book allows for even a beginner to prepare a brisket the night before so that it’s ready to go in the smoker in as little as six hours. 7. In this book you’ll find out how to pick out a perfect rub to compliment a perfect barbeque sauce to go on your traditional southern or Texan brisket.

A Preview to Brisket:

• What is Brisket? • Picking out a Good Brisket • Smoking a Brisket • Southern Brisket Preparation • Barbequing Texan & Southern Brisket • Texan & Southern Barbeque Sauce

Start Getting the Benefits of Brisket!!

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