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(1) Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus! 14oz Jar Whole Food Mineral Nutritional Supplement Meal Replacement POWDER

Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus! 14oz Jar Whole Food Mineral Nutritional Supplement Meal Replacement POWDER

Product Features

  • Superior Organic Natural Energy Vitamin & Mineral Supplement
  • Easily assimilated and ABSORBED because it is made from natural source
  • Packed with the Energy Vitamins – B Vitamins
  • Complete supefood to jumpstart your day
  • Easy to mix with FRESH Juice or blend with frest fruit for a power packed meal replacement

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  1. IsabellaAubreyAnna says

    How to drink this Superfood WITHOUT gagging :-) First, I guess I should write a short review of this product. It’s the best supplement, period and hands down, that I’ve ever tried. And I’ve tried a LOT of whole-food, high-absorption-bioavailable vitamins. Nothing makes me feel as good as Dr. Schulze Superfood Plus! :-) It is completely natural with all of its vitamins coming from food sources (superfood sources!). It is absolutely chock-full of high-quality powerful ingredients, like Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, (broken cell wall) Chlorella, etc. Google the healing properties of any of these (including all the other wonderful ingredients in the Superfood Plus) to see for yourself how great they are.Also, I trust Dr. Schulze and his company… he uses the best ingredients and really seems to care about the product that you’re getting and putting in your body. He created his formulas FOR sick people… people with incurable diseases and people who could not absorb the nutrients and vitamins from the food or juices they were eating/drinking. The Superfood Plus formula is one that your body understands and immediately recognizes and very easily uses to create health. No matter how much your system is messed up it will be able to use and utilize the nutrients in this Superfood formula to create health. I think honestly this is the reason this product is so good. If you want to learn more about the powerful healing it can create go on the herbdoc website and read a couple of the healing stories or read Dr. Schulze’s blog (there’s an especially powerful story about a patient who had (yes, *had*) AIDS (it’s in his 2011 blog commentary so you have to go to the blog archive to see it). This product is super-concentrated with healing ingredients that are bio-available even for the sickest people with bodies who are shutting down… it *fixes* your body and helps your body naturally heal itself the way it wants to in a way that conventional medicine simply cannot replicate.I think that’s the reason this product is so powerful, and for someone like me who isn’t sick at all, it makes me feel absolutely incredible. :-) I still remember the first time I took it (late afternoon), lying in bed that night and literally feeling every cell in my body. I felt absolutely amazing. Both my mind and body felt like dull knives that had suddenly been sharpened into something strong and amazing. I never wanted to go back to feeling *dull* again!Okay, so haha, there’s my *short* review. Now I’m going to talk about the taste!I took a break from using this product because the taste was so bad. And I mean, really, really bad. As much as I absolutely LOVED the way it made me feel, I similarly DREADED having to drink it! I switched over to Garden of Life’s RAW vitamins for a while because of it (food-based, high-absorption vitamins I also recommend, as a distant second to this product).Nothing could make me feel as good as Dr. Schulze’s Superfood Plus though, and I knew it, so I ended up going back to it, as much as I hated drinking it.NOW though, I have a *system* worked out that makes me able to drink it just fine! And thought I’d share it on here, so that hopefully someone else can benefit from it. So anyway, here it is:-Do NOT smell the Superfood Plus! I’m serious. If you’ve never used it before, do NOT tempt yourself. Just don’t do it. It’s best if you don’t ever smell this stuff, because it WILL effect your taste buds. If you HAVE used it before, stop smelling it today. Seriously. Keep yourself from smelling it (mouth-breath, hold your nose, whatever you have to do) while you open the bottle and put it in the blender. ESPECIALLY don’t smell it once you have your concoction complete and you go to drink it. Hold your nose the whole time if you have to and train yourself to mouth-breath while drinking it.-Start off small! Now this is for people who haven’t tried it before -start off with one teaspoon in your blender, NOT two tablespoons! You need to work your way up while you get used to the texture and taste of this product. It is not like anything you’ve ever had before most likely, so starting yourself off with the full amount will probably just leave you very, very unhappy and make it more difficult for you to take this everyday (which of course is the goal!). Every day put a bit more until you are up to a tablespoon, and then of course work yourself up to 2 tablespoons. ALSO, if you have the money (I know all of Dr. Schulze’s stuff is expensive) buy his Superfood 100 at the same time. Take 2 tablets a day, while you are working yourself up to a tablespoon of the Superfood Plus. Then take 1 tablet a day until you work yourself up to the 2 tablespoons. Then of course you will just be taking the Superfood Plus, which is very, very powerful.-FIND THE RIGHT BLEND FOR YOU. This is so incredibly important! Dr. Schulze recommends using orange juice and bananas, and…

  2. Amy Keeley says

    There is no magic pill… 0

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